To more Filipinos with a newfound "voice" (tinig), like Celine!

About Our Project

In August 2014, Terese Jimenez Manalansan founded Technological (which encompasses all innovations) Intervention In Giving Augmentative Alternative Communication to individuals with communication disabilities Project (or the "TInIG AAC project"). Read more about the history of our project

Goals of the Project

  1. EDUCATION: To educate practicing SLPs and Filipino SLP educators about AAC intervention.

  2. OUTREACH: To provide underprivileged Filipino individuals with communication disabilities with tablets loaded with a communication application, along with skilled AAC services provided by SLPs enrolled in the AAC Certificate Course

​What we have achieved so far: 

  • To date, we have helped 37 individuals find their voices.

  • There are now 37 AAC certified specialists and 13 AAC specialist candidates who are serving clients in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

  • There are now two universities offering formal undergraduate courses on AAC. Faculty from both universities completed the certificate course tied to the TInIG AAC program. The structure of their AAC courses was also guided by the TInIG AAC program to ensure that the minimum required knowledge and skills for beginning clinicians are covered and taught.

But the challenge of sustaining this effort year after year remains. With the help of an ever-growing body of AAC-trained Filipino SLPs, we continue to search for sustainable means of providing AAC to the underserved in the Philippines.

​What we're currently working on: 

  • We have recently started to explore the possibility of setting up free AAC screening clinics ("therafrees") for underprivileged Filipinos with complex communication needs. The overarching goal is to provide these clients with an appropriate AAC system through skilled feature-matching assessments and the help of various individual and NGO (non-government civic organizations) donors, as well as local government units. 

  • We aim to start more new partnerships to increase the number of people we could help.